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March on: Glimpsing eternity in the mundane

We have it good here in the land of cotton — and in the land of peaches. When Independence Day puffs its chest each July ... Read more

Column: Flags and our fathers

By J.R. Tidwell / Editor When I was in college at the University of North Alabama, I was able to meet, and in some cases ... Read more

County tournament missing in baseball

It has been three weeks since the 2018 Chilton County Softball Tournament, and there is still a buzz in the county following Jemison’s victory. County ... Read more

Caring for someone in need

Dear Editor,   On Sunday afternoon, August 27th, shortly after lunch, a serious one-car accident occurred on Highway 31 just north of the Lighthouse Church ... Read more

Businesses should stay out of politics

Dear editor: The Chamber of Commerce has as its slogan “Shop Local.” Over the last year, I have been in at least a half dozen ... Read more

Jemison’s Got Talent to debut June 12 (Community Correspondent)

Do you know how to make people laugh? Can you make things appear out of thin air? Do you sing, dance or play an instrument? ... Read more

New gun signs could pose problems

Dear editor, I see all these new “gun signs” in county buildings, businesses, etc., that read “No fire arms allowed.” Really? Now, someone like myself ... Read more

Thanks for helping Community Outreach

Dear editor: The Community Outreach would like to thank the community for helping with the scholarship awards for students at Jemison and Thorsby high schools. ... Read more

Traffic light situation needs to be addressed

Dear editor: Thorsby is a town that boasts a population of 1,980 people according to the 2010 Census, making it a fairly small dot on ... Read more

Citizens should help choose mayor

Dear editor: The town of Thorsby suffered a great loss with the passing of their mayor and friend Dearl Hilyer recently. He was a great ... Read more

Don’t rush mayoral selection

Dear editor: Our town has recently experienced a tragedy in the sudden death of our mayor, Dearl Hilyer. To be taken at such a young ... Read more

We have already forgotten 9/11

Dear editor: September 11, 2001: We will never forget. But how soon we do! Words are just that: words. Here it is 11 years since ... Read more

Chilton not a desirable place to live

Dear editor: Do not ever move to Chilton County, Alabama. I made a mistake of moving to North Chilton County 12 years ago. The county ... Read more

Volunteers donated time to Jemison High School

Dear editor, A School Volunteer Workday was held Saturday, July 28 at Jemison High School. We had 91 documented volunteers, not counting those individuals who ... Read more

Thanks for help with benefit yard sale

Dear editor, Thank you to everyone that made donations, helped set up, came out to support, and helped pack up the yard sale for Jacob ... Read more

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